Are you in need of an adaptable space that can be setup to meet your Business or Community Event needs? The main room provides versatility that adapts to almost any scenario, be that holding a community meeting, an educational class, team-building exercises, or networking events. A community meeting can be a variety of events such as a regular business meeting for the community group or a fundraiser the group is hosting. Educational Events could be businesses trying to educate a clientele, either employees or potential customers, about a specific topic or product. Team building is a form of education where individuals who share a common employer or goal are provided with an agenda that helps them grow and learn together. Networking brings people together for light snacks, drinks, and the ability to talk to others with different jobs and vocations. A kitchenette makes it easy to serve prepared foods for your guests or you may cater in from the many restaurants that are within walking distance. The main room is available for a half-day or full-day rental with a capacity of up to 60 people. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call Terry at 515-249-9192 or email